In a synthesis of style and location some each unit was designed to play the role of interface between the private living and public space beyond, incorporating characteristics that satisfy the needs of both space: the “Glass Wall” opening system to the front courtyard or the windows on the end units project a “natural transition”, which links indoors and outdoors together, opening and closing them, with divisions and continuity.

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In composition, materials are the undisputed stars of the kitchen and living room.

Composition and materials are the stars.
Kitchens and Furniture as a passion.

Kitchens and Furniture as a Passion

For some years now increasingly demanding lifestyles have been shaping how we live in our homes. Simple but functional furniture is more and more often required not only for the kitchen but also for the living area.

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The offering is completed by functional, innovative design, making this ambitious project a major milestone to the discerning consumer.

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